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We have one formal parents' evening in the autumn term, and an informal parents’ evening at the end of the year to recognise and celebrate children’s progress. Parents’ evenings are an opportunity to talk about your child, including how they have settled into class and to discuss their learning. Teachers share ways in which your child is learning and making progress through photos, videos and discussion. This provides parents with the opportunity to see the specialist approaches, equipment and resources your child uses in action. 


Annual reviews are held once a year to review children’s learning and progress. Class teachers will provide a report of the progress children have made in all aspects of their learning. Children are encouraged to be a key part of this process and a video demonstrating their achievements, likes and progress will be shown. New areas for learning and achievement are discussed and objectives are set in collaboration with parents to plan for their child’s future. 


The Compass Partnership of Schools is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Bromcom to run our schools’ management information systems. This has enabled us to deploy the MyChildAtSchool [MCAS] online portal, enabling you to communicate with your child’s school via a web browser. 


MyChildAtSchool provides: 

• Communication facilities to improve contact between parents and schools 

• Option to purchase School Dinners, join Clubs or book Trips 

Please click here to access MyChildAtSchool 

For more information, please see the guide below.